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Some Easy and Popular Investment Options


The proper amount of investments in the proper domain is important to maintain a healthy financial status throughout the whole life. There are some profitable investment plans that you can avail of easily. When it comes to the easy investment of your hard-earned money, Fixed Deposit (FD) is the most popular option among people with different salary structures. A Recurring Deposit (RD) is another good investment option that can be considered as a saving option as well. You can also consider investing in equity-oriented plans like the Fixed Income Investment Plan. Such plans allow you to expand the investment as per the risk and return expectations. While most of these plans are effective in India only, other plans help you to invest your money outside India.

Firstly, you can opt high-yield online savings account where you get a much higher interest than offline banks. Secondly, you can go for the Certificate Deposit (CD) Scheme which offers a good rate of interest. But you cannot withdraw your money before the maturity period. However, it is a good way to save money for the future. Thirdly, you can also invest in money market accounts, which is a type of deposit account. As the cash deposited in it is liquid, you can use it for emergency savings purposes. Fourthly, there are government bond funds and corporate bond funds as other beneficial investment options. Corporate bond funds often hold short term tenure. Other popular and profitable investment plans include Dividend Stock Fund,Treasury Securities, etc. Though plans like Dividend Stock Funds come with certain risks, it proves to be beneficial for a long term investment.